Market Advisory Group—Meet Your Advisors and Staff
Market Advisory Group is a financial consulting firm in Wichita, Kansas, Prairie Village, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. Learn how working with our fiduciaries can give you financial peace of mind today.
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Putting our clients’ best interests before our own means operating with utmost transparency and honesty. Our clients are family to us. We always work to strengthen our relationships and assure they are mutually beneficial. Achieving peace of mind in retirement for our clients is the foundation for our planning process.


Danny Goolsby has been serving the financial needs of families from all parts of Kansas and the central plains states since 1985. Larry Kloefkorn, a lifelong friend and colleague of Danny’s, began his life in financial services in 2002, after decades of ministry in Wichita.

Matt Goolsby, Danny’s son, entered the business in 2004. He began partnering with Danny and Larry on parts of their collective business. They continued to operate independently until 2014.

Founding partners Larry Kloefkorn, Danny Goolsby, and Matt Goolsby agreed to form Market Advisory Group in 2014. The partnership is a culmination of over 60 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. It was immediately apparent that their team approach was the best way to excel with our hands-on client services experience.

In August of 2016, we opened our first branch for the Kansas City metro area in Overland Park. Jonathon McCoy, who joined the firm in 2015, has been the lead advisor there since the branch opened.

Market Advisory Group team
Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.


Danny has been actively engaged in the business of assisting people in Kansas and surrounding states with their retirement investment needs since 1985. Danny has seen and felt the ebb and flow of the markets and the insurance industry over those 30+ years from the perspective of a professional. He admits the years of experience have taught him more than any book or internet article can. “I know that most people we meet and talk to just want a few simple things from a financial professional. Honest advice, straight talk, and a trustworthy helping hand.” This is a driving force behind how Danny works day-to-day, and a reason more and more people are calling Market Advisory Group their home for local, open, and honest financial advice.

Larry and Danny began as friends during their high school years. Fast forward to 2002, when Larry decided he and Danny could help provide enhanced service to clients as a two-man team. Larry enjoys the unique relationship he builds with every person that walks through the Market Advisory Group doors. Larry is a firm believer that your retirement can not be a ‘set it and forget it’ program. He helps his clients plan, implement, and monitor their plan to assure long term financial peace in retirement.

During Matt’s childhood, his father Danny would drive to farms, family homes, and communities all over the state of Kansas, working to help people solidify their retirement goals. Matt is often heard muttering, “I feel like I’ve been doing this all my life.” He’s not far off! In 2004 Matt decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Matt specializes in business development and logistics for Market Advisory Group. He is also a founding partner for the company and performs an advisory role for the offices in the Kansas City metro area.

As the newest partner and lead advisor for the Kansas City metro area, Jonathon joined the company early in 2015. Jonathon has long had a knack for public speaking and educating, regardless of the subject matter. It makes sense then, that one major area where almost everyone needs help; money, finances and investing, is a fitting place for him to operate. Jonathon finished his college career majoring in biology at Wichita State University. “I have an intense passion for passing down any bit of beneficial information I can to others, to help them out.” Jonathon’s penchant for open, honest, and transparent conversation makes him a natural fit for how Market Advisory Group works with everyone we meet.


Gerald D. Eidelman has practiced law in Wichita, Kansas since his graduation from the Georgetown University Law Center. Mr. Eidelman serves clients in Wichita and all over the State of Kansas. His law practice focuses on Estate Planning, Business Planning, and Taxation. Through practicing the lost art of listening, Mr. Eidelman designs customized and comprehensive estate plans tailored to each client’s unique needs. “Each person and family is unique. An estate plan should be tailored to each client’s needs, goals, and circumstances.” Prior to forming the Eidelman Law Firm, he worked as Tax Attorney for Invista, Sarl., a division of Koch Industries, and as tax associate at Foulston Siefkin, LLP. Mr. Eidelman graduated from the University of Maryland (B.A., Magna Cum Laude 1999); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 2004; LL.M. Taxation, 2006; Certificate in Employee Benefits, 2006).

Gerald is part of Eidelman Law firm located inside Market Advisory Group.

Medicare was signed into law on July 30, 1965. Since that time Medicare, the health insurance for people 65 and over, has changed, evolved and improved from where it started. However in doing so means there are many decisions you have to make about how to tackle health care going forward into retirement. People became aware of Long Term Care Insurance in the early 1980’s. It is not covered by Medicare. Today there are many options to pick from to help you plan ahead on how to handle the cost of Long Term Care. You need to feel comfortable knowing the decisions you make today were the right ones for when the time comes 10, 20 or 30 years from now and your health begins to change. They are important decisions and you don’t want to find out later you made the wrong ones. Bill has been specializing in this field of insurance planning for over 30 years. He is certified to handle all lines of Medicare and maintains licenses with all of the major companies dealing with Medicare and Long Term Care Insurance. Bill knows how to simplify your choices making it easier for you to decide how to plan for the future.


Stephanie serves as the Office Manager for Market Advisory Group. She is passionate about delivering excellent customer service and always makes sure our clients know that they are our top priority. ´´My Daily goal is to make sure I have done the absolute best I can for every client. I truly enjoy getting to know each of them.”

Spending time in the military and as a Police Officer, Chris has always helped people anyway he could. “Helping people has always been a part of my life.” Chris serves as our New Accounts Processor. Chris prepares all incoming account binders for our clients and works to ensure that client paperwork is processed in a timely and efficient manner. He believes that hard work and respect are two elements for success in life.


Retirement Account Services

401(k), IRAs, Roth IRAs, Individual Savings and Investments, Account Rollovers, and more.


Social Security Education, Planning and Strategies, Retirement Finances and Income Planning.


Wills, Trusts (Offered by Eiedelman Law Firm. Market Advisory Group is not an attorney or law firm.), Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Final Expenses, Tax-Efficient transfer of Assets.