Market Advisory Group—Learn How We Can Help You
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    We begin by answering any questions you may have. These often involve Social Security, income planning, and questions on your current financial holdings such as brokerage accounts, 401(k)s, annuities, life insurance and various other matters. We take this step seriously, as it is crucial that you understand your current situation based on facts, not persuasion or sales pressure.

    We will work with you to identify what your risk tolerance, or emotion toward your money, is.


    Analyzing your current portfolio for its inherent risks is important. We also walk you through all the internal fees, and advisory fees present in your holdings so you know what you are paying for what you are getting in return.

    We then compare this analysis with your risk tolerance and test your current investment strategy to determine how likely it is to meet or fall short of your needs.


    We will show you how aligning your risk tolerance with the risk inherent to your portfolio can solidify your financial footing in retirement. At this point you will know the facts, and be shown the tools that can be used to help you live your ideal retirement.


    We will handle every step of putting your new retirement investment strategies into action. We understand that making major financial decisions and changes is a stressful experience. Our hands-on approach assures you are impeccably informed of every change, exactly what your advisory fees are, and how your new investment strategy will put you on track for the retirement lifestyle you desire.


We focus on building 100% complete financial strategies customized to fit your lifestyle, circumstances, and biggest goals. From the very first time we meet, our goal is to educate you, and learn as much as we can to help you. As your fiduciary, our primary duty is to operate in your best interest, not ours. This means no recommendations can be made until all the pertinent facts of your situation are understood by you and our advisors. No sales pressure. No confusing jargon. No bias toward one solution or another. We want what is best for you. It is our fiduciary duty.


    • 401(k)
    • IRAs
    • Roth IRAs
    • Individual Savings and Investments
    • Account Rollovers
    • and more…


    • Social Security Education
    • Planning and Strategies
    • Retirement Finances
    • Income Planning


    • Wills & TrustsOffered by Eiedelman Law Firm. Market Advisory Group is not an attorney or law firm.
    • Life Insurance
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Final Expenses
    • Tax-Efficient transfer of Assets


We work with numerous money managers and strategies that implement sophisticated research of the world’s markets. We work with you to identify which of those strategies is the appropriate fit for your lifestyle and risk tolerance. We specialize in investment strategies that are designed to be defensive, and work to get out of harm’s way when the market atmosphere is bad, and opportunistic when the markets are looking up.

Our goal is to offer adequate protection in down markets so you don’t lose precious years trying to get back to even. When the markets are moving up, your investments are managed tactically, not bought and held, to take advantage of those earning opportunities.

Our fee structure with managed money means you only pay one consistent fee as a percentage of your invested assets. We do not collect additional commissions or sales charges when trades are made on your account. This offers some advantages over traditional brokerage-style account using ‘loaded’ mutual funds or other investment vehicles. It also means you benefit mutually with us when your accounts grow!

Annuities are products offered by insurance companies typically design to offer some type of income guarantee, tax-deferred growth, or any combination of the two. Even to a seasoned financial professional, the fine print and details of the thousands of annuities that exist can be difficult to sort through.


Annuities may not be appropriate for many retirement plans. Our discovery process can help you decide if removing the risk of market volatility, or planning for a portion of your retirement income to be guaranteed, is right for you.

As independent agents of various insurance companies nationwide we are not captive to the sale of any single company’s products. We will shop a wide array of solutions to help determine the best fit for your investment plan.

The expenses we encounter in our final days can be a daunting financial burden to plan for. We help determine if insuring yourself for long-term health care costs is necessary for your retirement plan and reasonable for your budget.

Many people we work with also find that insuring that their family, heirs, beneficiaries, and estate will have the assets they need to carry on financially. Life insurance can be used to make up for lost income. It can pay off debts of your designated beneficiaries. It can even benefit charities and other parties you designate. For most, life insurance bears a conversation to identify what needs it may eventually fulfill.